Diego Lezama


I began my career as pro photographer in 1993 and soon after I started to photograph for Unesco the World Heritage Sites in more than 30 countries. In 1998 I moved to Brazil for 3 years where I improved my techniques in Architecture and Advertisement. After a few years in Spain I went back to Brazil to continue with a huge project on Agriculture. My images are represented worldwide with Corbis and Getty.


San Pedro Volcano on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Atlantic Sea afternoon in Barra do Sahy, Brazil

The Great Jaguar Temple, Tikal, Guatemala

Istambul and the Bosphorus

Early morning mist on coffee plantations, Brazil

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Climbers at Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Atlantic Sea Storm, Brazil

San Miguel Missions and the Universe, Brazil

Sao Paulo Nights

Estaiada Bridge in Sao Paulo

Alphaville Neighborhood in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Nights II

Storm coming in Sitges, Spain

After the Storm in Tikal, Guatemala