diego amoreo 1


My interest about photography accompanied me even before have my first camera,since then ,i started this journey in an autodidact way.I begin to experience and compose from the attraction that i have for nature,feeling a big motivation in coastal landscapes , the architecture,urban settings and the sear of new inspirations .Through the long exposition photograph, i found a way to express my minimalist look, brings me the sense of depth,highlighting the forgotten in time and the unnoticed in space.



Hexagonal perspectiive

Symmetrical figures

Natural mirages

Immersed in the smit

Silence echoes

Opposing elements

Mindful awakening

Infinite perspective

Contemplating from the distance

Silent luminosity

Geometric projection

flowing through reeds

immense stealth

Quiet simplicity

Inner glow


Perennial spread

Emerging from the sea


Sculpted Space

Fragments of the past

Prehistoric Rocks

Linear contrasts