My Passion is to create Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and I use Photography as my Medium.
These Fine Art Images do not necessarily reflect what was actually there to be photographed by my camera which is a machine but my interpretation of what I photographed which is an expression of my emotions at the time of image capture and thereafter working on them in my digital darkroom.
There are a myriad of genres of fine art photography, I choose to photograph the beauty in nature, particularly seascapes, landscapes and textures.
I am intrigued by really long exposures (up to 15 minutes) as this is where I can only imagine what the final image could look like, I love the fluidity of movement of all the non-static elements in the image, particularly water and clouds and actively search for locations and subjects that are conducive to this shooting technique.
I do however also shoot much shorter exposures simultaneously as this gives a totally different feel to the image.
My Fine Art Goal is to achieve believability not necessarily reality and in doing so, to bring pleasure to the viewer.


driftwood 1

tree grove 1

orchid ghost

blues 1

grosse bucht

tidal pool 1


rocker 1

karoo storm 1

fish market

lonely rock

bedia's orchid

harbour wall 1

laaiplek dawn

fish river tree

die hel

blues 2

sunrise 1



windswept tree 1


tree 2

harbour wall 2

arniston cliffs

stoney beach

foam wall

karoo houses

karoo pole

silver trees

deadvlei 1

la dique 1


flatrock 1

abandoned house

palm tree |& rocks