Colmar Wocke


I have been taking pictures (as an amateur) since 1968 when I bought my first Diana camera with my pocket money. After having owned other film cameras, I graduated to purely digital photography in 2007. I've come to realize that I tend to think very graphically, as a person - I read and write well but prefer seeing the "whole picture" so-to-speak; maybe this is why photography attracts me so much. I like doing street photography as it enables me to interact with people. I do however, also dabble in "miscellaneous" picture-making such as Landscapes, Conceptual or Abstract styles. I do not enjoy doing only Black and White Photography - the world out there is full of colour, after all.

It can probably be said that I have a less-clear photographic/artistic vision than so many wonderful photographic artists represented here. I am simply opportunistic in my approach and take the picture if I like it visually; almost a spur-of-the-moment thing.


Art Walk

The Striped Goose

Ancient Street

The Kiss at the Bahnhof

art Contemplation

The Cold Whippet

Three Swiss

Snow Lake

Mendoza Grocer

No Rain

The Last of Steam

Making the Call

Striped Walk

The Bridge

Lady with Handbag


Going Down

Elusive Time

Another Brick in the Wall


Morning Exercise


Namib Light

Stepwise Motion


The Rain Came

Split Shadows


Window View

Childhood Memories

Nationally Festive


The Rough and the Smooth


Seeing the Light

Morning Mist