Christian Kleiman


360 Panoramic Photographer - VR Content Creator.
I enjoy creating and sharing awesome Tiny Planets.
In Photography a Tiny Planet is a stereographic projection that comes out of a 360 full spherical panoramic image after the processing throughout dedicated software.
This enables me to create interesting compositions and some of the outcomes are really amazing.
The process is very exciting as I never know what to expect.
My gear is Canon EOS MKIII with Sigma 8mm fisheye and a tripod with panoramic head to capture the 360º image.
I take four shots with bracketed exposition stops just in case.
The processing workflow starts with Lightroom to add metadata and lift up the sensation I want to transmit in the scenery.
For the stitching of the four images I use PTGui Pro and once I have the 360 image I go to Photoshop where I clean disturbances and remove the tripod.
At last, to create a Tiny Planet I open “Flaming Pear Plugin” for Photoshop, which enables me to play around until I'm satisfied with the outcome.
I hope you enjoy as much as I do, every time I see them :-)


Déjà-vu - © Christian Kleiman

Tree Filigree - © Christian Kleiman

Topsy-Turvy - © Christian Kleiman

Inception - © Christian Kleiman

Steel - © Christian Kleiman

Crowning La Seine - © Christian Kleiman

Amen - © Christian Kleiman

Paradise Beach - © Christian Kleiman

The Jetty - © Christian Kleiman

I wish I were there - © Christian Kleiman