chris roche


Chris Roche is an award winning filmmaker and photographer.

Born in Canada to Irish parents, he grew up in Africa and around Europe. Dividing his time between working as a filmmaker and photographer he is now based in London though he spends most of his time on the road and living out of a suitcase.

He won a Sony World Photography National Award 2016, the Wanderlust Portfolio of the Year 2015, winner of the Wild Frontiers Travel Photo of the Year 2014, had his photos published in the national press and photographic books and exhibited in London galleries, the Royal Geographical Society and at the United Nations in Geneva.

His films have won awards around the world and he wrote and directed the feature length ‘Kara Murat’ a Turkish historical drama shot in the mountains near Armenia. He has also won the Miramax Scriptwriting Award.

He is currently developing a photographic project on Devotion that will take him across several continents and spiritual beliefs over the next three years.

His photographic books, 'The Priest and Pilgrims of Ethiopia' and 'Banaras, Holy City', are available from his website and Amazon.

“This collection of photographs can be valued as an irreplaceable cultural archive and as a body of work with great artistic integrity…” UNESCO.

“…a series of landscapes so dazzling that Claude would have been proud to have invented them. The photographs are not merely striking. Many of them are masterpieces.” Author and historian Thomas Pakenham.


Dankhar Gompa, Spiti Valley

Boy Monks

View from Dankhar

Spiti Valley kids

Hikkim Village

Key Gompa

Langza Buddha

Dozing at Genna, Lalibela

Pilgrim with bible, Lalibela

Pilgrims with bible, Lalibela

Priests, Lalibela

Priest with cross, Lalibela

Priest with cross, Tigray

Priest, Tigray

From within looking out

Priest with cross, Tigray


Bible by candlelight, Lalibela

Pilgrims and candels, Lalibela

Tigray, Ethiopia

Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains

Dawn, Genna, Lalibela

Pilrim with cross, Lalibela

Baba Hensanandsarosati, Kashi

Forever a mystery

Baba Luxman, Kashi

Lali Baba, Kashi

Lali Baba, Kashi

Baba Ramkail, Kashi

Pilgrim in the Gangees, Kashi

Pilgrims, Kashi

Aarti, Kashi

Burning Ghats, Kashi

Burning Ghats, Kashi

Burning Ghats, Kashi