Chris Flees


I am an eclectic photographer from Charlotte, NC. My primary subjects are Nature, Animals, Classic and Antique cars, and places of interest. I dabble with photo manipulation. I enjoy looking a capturing that which is missed or unseen by most or capturing the common in an uncommon manner.


sunset over Ohio

Glade Creek Grist Mill

Barn Owl preparing to fly

New River Gorge Bridge

WIld Daylilies


The bullfrog

Charlotte NC at Night


Lion licking his chops

garden of the gods Colorado

great flittary

Bald eagle in a tree


upper cathedral falls

a chickma baboon

Christmas town reflecting pond

black bear chewing on a bone

male wood duck

gorilla carrying her baby

blast from the past gas station

Chanterelle waxy cap mushroom

1930s Cadillac Limo

1955 Chevy belair

1927 Ford Model TT

1971 Dodge Charger

purple passionflower

1967 Corvette

blue poison dart frog


American abrupt-bulbed Lepidella