Chris does not think that technical perfection should be an all-consuming concern, and neither should producing an accurate pictorial record of a subject or a location. He feels that photography is all about mood and emotion, and that is what his images should communicate to the viewer. Light plays an important part in creating an image but Chris does not succumb to the belief that there is ’good light’ and 'bad light': for him there is only light and it is how you capture it that is crucial.

Photography was always a hobby ever since I bought an Instamatic Camera for a holiday, hitch hiking round Europe, in 1971. Dozens of cameras later I discovered the DSLR in 2006, since then photography has become a passion.
I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and would encourage anyone to join for peer advice, an appreciation of your skills and how to improve. I have entered a few competitions and this year finally success, I won a Special Award, Parques de Sintra section, in the International Photographer of the Year competition run by Kew Gardens in London (
Chris resides in Monte Estoril,Cascais Portugal.


Trees and Rocks

A Lusitanian