Chris Armytage


I am a self-taught Photographic Artist. I have been passionate about photography since I won a camera in a drawing competition when I was 10 years old.

My work is a composite of photography and digitally enhanced photographic art. Most of my images are taken around the area where I live, a small spa town in country Victoria, Australia. They tell a story of life in the natural world, looking in detail at the passing seasons, the ever changing colours and the perfect simplicity of nature.

My work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at "The Story of the Creative" exhibition in Long Island City, New York

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t create, it’s as natural to me as breathing, especially now that we have the means to achieve great art with digital photography. It’s so exciting and I feel that my creativity has finally come to fruition with these fantastic digital tools.


"Fly away ..." © Chris Armytage - Country landscape, gum trees, birds in flight, billabong

"A New day dawning" © Chris Armytage - Country landscape, early morning, horses grazing

"Earth's poetry" © ChrisArmytage - Country landscape, old growth, solitary, eucalypt, tree, post and wire fence, morning light

"Flying home" © ChrisArmytage - Country landscape, ducks in flight, one old gum tree in a field of grass

"The bush, the cows, the gums" © ChrisArmytage - black and white cows grazing, green, gum trees, smoke haze

"Autumn gold on Wombat Hill" © ChrisArmytage - a red dirt road through the botanical gardens at Daylesford, lined by old growth Golden Elms

"Dust to dust ..." © ChrisArmytage - Old settlers cottage near Franklinford

"Old homestead, Lavandula" © ChrisArmytage - Country landscape, early settler's stone house

"Three geese a grazing" © ChrisArmytage - Landscape, white, geese, gold foliage, photographic manipulation

"The Villa Parma at Hepburn Springs" © ChrisArmytage - Swiss Italian built early settler's mansion

"The Pioneer's Memorial Tower" © ChrisArmytage - Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, Daylesford, Australia.

"Sighing the changes" © ChrisArmytage - Wild grasses, golden grain, vintage, gold background, photo manip

"Not me" © ChrisArmytage - Portrait of a young woman, vintage, tintype, photographic manipulation

"Portrait of a boy" © ChrisArmytage - Sepia portrait of small boy playing with toy Mercedes car

"My days in the sun" © ChrisArmytage - Vintage style portrait of black and white cat

"Before the storm ..." © ChrisArmytage - A woman and her reflection, watching the ocean for the coming storm. Photographic manipulation.

"Long time gone" © ChrisArmytage - A skull, a pyraid rising from the sea, terraced rocks and filtered light. Photo manip.

"Touching heaven" © ChrisArmytage - A single gull soars high up in the clouds over cliffs and sea. Photo manip.

"Cherry blossoms" © ChrisArmytage - So pink! A mass of blossoms swaying in the breeze.

"Unheard melodies" © ChrisArmytage - Floral. Purple and white Iris on vintage textured background.

"Running free" © ChrisArmytage - Light filled image of a blagk dog running along a deserted beach, overlaid with a floral foreground. A single bird soars in the distance. Photographic manipulation.