Chad Coombs 1


Chad Coombs was born in 1982 in Saskatoon, Canada. He was interested in art already in an early age and started to paint. However, the re-education of left-to right-handed and his onesided visual impairment made working in this field of art very difficult for him. Only on discovering photography as an artistic medium his full creative potential had the chance to develop. The camera offers him exactly the creative meaningfulness that remained denied to him in painting.

The autodidact Chad Coombs himself appoints Richard Avedon as one of his idols and his photographic inspiration. He therefore also seeks with his photographs to shake up and disturb the viewer, but above all he wants to encourage him to think and feel. His work is supposed to appeal to the viewer and have an effect on him, but not to impose a particular view. Coombs is more interested in the feelings, which are hidden behind a photograph.

Chad Coombs lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

This series is all shot on medium format film and is un manipulated, each body is as seen on negative.