Christophe Dolhem


Christophe Dolhem belongs to the photographers who sees the beautiful and evocative in life – even in the most mundane things and events. With an eye for abstraction, he creates images with a dreamlike clarity. Here one can find gardens run wild, views from windows, deserted rooms and other places full of atmosphere. Towns shrouded in darkness or beaches bathing in light, but also people whose gestures and charisma direct one’s thoughts to characters of the literary world. Christophe is Traveling a lot for his job as a designer and his pictures take us to different parts of the world. If one looks at several photographs at the same time, a diary-like characteristic appears.

The transience lends the photographs a touch of melancholy, something which their rich grey scale often helps to accentuate.

Born in France, educated in Sweden (art history, graphic design and art Direction), Christophe is also a designer. Truly passionate by aesthetics, people and culture he is the founder of Dolhem Design, a multidisciplinary design agency founded in Stockholm 1998, working with a select group of brands and companies from offices in Stockholm, London and Shanghai.