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Carmelita Iezzi is a freelance photographer and graphic designer based in Italy, she is graduated in the Art School and have a Master in Graphic Design and Fine Art Photography at Poliarte in Ancona.
Her passion about art and photography started at young age using an analog camera with film and printing in the darkroom.
She developed her own style by focusing on landscape photography and conceptual portrait. Carmelita work captures silent moments, as a pictorial poems. Her passion for medieval paintings, renaissance masterpieces and works of the Pre-Raphaelite, have focused attention on the use of natural light, preferring the strong contrasts that characterize equally her photos in black & white and colors. Her particular style is surrealistic and dreamlike, she tries to convey a quiet stillness of emotion with a contemplation to the natural surroundings creating stories that combine nature and the human figure in a poetic and unique vision.

She has achieved international recognitions and most of her works are been published in different Magazine and Book worldwide such Adore Noir, Blur Magazine, MonoVisions, Immagini Fotopratica, Square Mag, Progresso Fotografico.
Her work has been exhibited in Rome, Marsille, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Cannes, New York, Paris.

2018 - ZEISS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD - Editors' selection with the work "The Lens" from the series "I am a dreamer" as one of the best entry

2017 - ND Awards - Honorable Mention with the series "In the silence of a dream" Fine Art Conceptual Category

2017 - Photogrvphy Grant - Nominee Award in Conceptual for the winning entry "El silencio que queda entre dos palabras"
"The silence beetween words"

2017 - Monovisions Photography Awards - Honorable Mention with the series "I AM A DREAMER" Fine Art Conceptual


Winter is Over - Carmelita Iezzi

The Way © Carmelita Iezzi

Carmelita Iezzi

Contemplation © Carmelita Iezzi

Anna © Carmelita Iezzi

Fly away © Carmelita Iezzi

Magic Lantern © Carmelita Iezzi

Looking over © Carmelita Iezzi

Winter Story © Carmelita Iezzi

Hope © Carmelita Iezzi

Silent wispers © Carmelita Iezzi

Still dreaming © Carmelita Iezzi

Dreamer © Carmelita Iezzi

Dreamer © Carmelita Iezzi

Rainy Monday © Carmelita Iezzi

Blurred Dream © Carmelita Iezzi

Last dream © Carmelita Iezzi

Winter Story © Carmelita Iezzi

Wish © Carmelita Iezzi

Fading Dream © Carmelita Iezzi

Land of nowhere © Carmelita Iezzi

Your way © Carmelita Iezzi

Escaping from Darkness © Carmelita Iezzi

Tree © Carmelita Iezzi