Bogdan Lupu


The contact with photography takes place at the age of 23 and since then continues as a self-taught student until last year, when I decide to enroll in the Biennale di Fotografia of Roma.
The formation of photographic vision is initially directed towards the observation and technical composition of photography. Only after it expands in the search of the essence in order to arrive at the complete image in which form and content find a balance.
The need to transfer the intensity of what I “see” in the photos was helped by the discovery of the film and the 6x6 format, not abandoning digital photography.
The first recognition arrives at the Festival Internazionale di Roma FOTOGRAFIA, in which my photos are selected for a group exhibition and displayed in the Rome underground.
In 2018 there is a strong need to get out of the purely personal dimension of photography. Then I began the two-year master at Officine Fotografiche in Rome.