Bob Avakian 2


Bob Avakian and his wife Gail visited Martha’s Vineyard for the summer in 1973 and it has been home ever since. Trained in architecture, engineering and building he works as a custom homebuilder. Photography, once his hobby, has now become his passion. As his photographic vision has evolved he has been drawn to the natural landscape and an exploration of night photography.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards. Most notably he is a Photolucida Critical Mass top 50 Photographer. Both Dodho Magazine and Vineyard Style magazine have published reviews of his work and he has been featured on the popular photo site Peta Pixel as well as numerous photo blogs.

"I photograph the landscape during the twilight hours and at night. Using long exposures to capture my surroundings and create an image different from what the eye perceives. Directing my attention to convey the quiet and solitude of the night, I believe, I am able to experience the moment with a different vision. I believe that these resulting images are from a moment suspended between night and day. I venture out in search of scenes that contain unusual light or other mysterious quality. Since the night sets the stage, I never know where I will wind up."


Cape Cod NightScape

Around the Bend

Full Flower Moon

In My Back Yard

Into the Light

King of the Hill

Momentary Absence

Standing at Guard

The Guiding Light

The Journey

The Barn

The Creek

Guard Shack

Three Little Houses

White Barn

A Long Days Night

Dark & Stormy

HartHaven MoonRise


Night Mist

Nobska Light

The Middle

The Renovation


MoonLight Cruise

Grange Hall

Reading Room

Group Portrait

Chatham Lights

Heavenly Bodies

Restricted Access

Rainy Night

Night Light

Low Tide

Morning Heron