Bart Nelissen


Let me show you the world in my eyes...

In this current digital age, we are constantly being bombarded with visual stimuli that try and grab our attention for just a few seconds. Overloaded with imagery there is too many distractions to really take time to look and see what is important. I believe careful observation is a really valuable skill that I have learned whilst being trained as a scientist.

Through my photography I want to challenge people to step out of their daily routine to explore and appreciate the simple beauty that is around us everywhere; A beauty that only reveals itself if you take time to really observe and look out for it; be it created by man in the city or created by nature in the countryside; stripped of all unnecessary distractions; just the elements that matter to capture that magic moment; frozen in time and space to restore a moment of peace and calm in an otherwise turbulent world.


Seaside Rendezvous

Solid as a Rock

Wild Horses

Drift Away

Reach Out

I can feel it calling...

Reach out and Touch

New Wave

Eye of the Tiger

Gamma Ray

Twist and Shout


Total Eclipse

Set Me Straight

Remember the Time

Optical Illusions

Square Root

Spring Affair