Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), I am coming relatively late to fine art photography, having spent most of my adult career within Information Technology and Cyber Security.

A little over a decade ago, my then-girlfriend (now wife) lent her Nikon D80, which was a first experience with DSLR - in the early years that camera was almost worn out taking many cricketing sports shots! After a camera upgrade to Nikon D5200 I instantly saw a technical improvement and spurred me on to improve artistically. I began uploading better work examples to online digital media sites, with reasonable success with one photograph in particular, and continuous small sales from other photos. Although the revenue could be regarded as small-change pocket-money, it was good to know the photographs were being displayed and appreciated around the world, and as a validation of the creative spirit in a minor way. Now with a full frame Nikon D810 camera, I continue to refine and enjoy my photography.

I don't like to be constrained by a particular genre or photography technique, preferring to be spontaneous when taking photographs and in the post-processing side. Often I like street photography subjects one day, and landscapes, HDR or still-life at other times.


- Two monochrome photos included in Docu Magazine E-book Vol 9.
- Photography article published online in the ArtDoc Photography Magazine (called Two-Tone Toon, highlighting monochrome images around Newcastle Upon Tyne).
- A recent honorable mention (Wildlife category) in the recent 2023 refocus awards World Photo Annual, plus two other pro nominations on the same platform.
- An honorable mention in the 2023 B&W Awards (landscape category).
- Represented by Influx Gallery and part of their 2023 "Odyssey" online Exhibition. - for more information and certificates/badge links

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Jesmond Dene Waterfall

Pond Skaters Abstract

Pelargonium Flowers

Rose After Rain

Fine Art Cockerel

Green Tomatoes

Berwick Street Lamp

Tynemouth Seagull

Gosforth Wild Grass

Seaton Sluice

Stately Home Staircase And Window

Helsinki Island View

Helsinki Tram

Skink Lizard

Tamarin Monkey

Fibonacci Spiral Staircase

Monochrome Tulip

Blyth Police Station