Arnaud Bathiard 1

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Born in 1973, I share my time between photography and my current job as a teacher in history and philosophy of medicine. I started to take pics at the age of 40. I like Kenna's work (but who does not like Michael Kenna's work ?), long exposures, minimalism, Japanese and Russian Litterature, Jazz, vietnamian noodles (but who does not like them ?), I travel a lot, and that's all about it.


In our first world, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Nightfall, Mosteiros, Azores, 2017

Dawn, Canal Grande Study III, Venezia, 2016

Le silence de la mer, Brittany, France, 2016

After the rain, Scottish Highlands, 2016

Quoi ? L'Eternité, Funchal, Madeira, 2015

Light in Winter, Annecy Lake, France, 2017

Last Lights, Loch Etive, Glencoe, Scotland, 2016

Jurassic, Brittany, France, 2016

Haïku, Brittany, France, 2016

Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, Scotland, 2016

A Winter Tale, Canal Grande Study I, Venezia, 2016

Wave, Elgol, Isle of Skye, 2016

Weather Report, Isle of Skye, 2016

Elements, Camargue, France, 2017

Heart of Darkness, Isle of Skye, 2016

Sticks, Canal Grande Study II, Venezia, 2016

Out for Lunch, Switzerland, 2016

House of the Tides, aka The Kiss of the Dragon, Brittany, France, 2016

Island, Study III, Leman Lake, Switzerland, 2017

Cliff of Aval at night, Study III, Etretat, France, 2017

Pier, Abstract Landscape Study I, Camargue, France, 2017

Crepuscule with T., Camargue, France, 2017

Cliff of Aval, Study I, dusk, Etretat, France, 2017

Full moon, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Saudade, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Tidal pool, Capelas, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

6 a. m., Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Aux origines, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Three-tongues wave and a headless bird, Ponta da Ferraria, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

La solitude du pachyderme, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Cosmogony, Madeira, 2015

The first shore, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017

Cliff of Amont, Study I, Etretat, France, 2017

The wait, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017. For Tiphaine.

And it grows darker with the day, Madeira, 2015