ann iren folkestad


I want to challenge my own growing emotional, aesthetic landscapes. I look at photography as an intuitive, experimental process. Photography gave birth to the idea where I could build a safe cocoon made of creativity. It has given me a platform to show my perspectives. To follow my subconscious is the only way i know how to create. This imaginary universe is my soul; my essence. You might say my pictures embrace the dreaming-state, but mostly it is about escaping the structures of the society. Our world is a utopia. Humans are instinctively loving. Butterflies in every stomach. We are working on finding our own nature, while contradictions is casting curses at us to deny the magic. We live in a time where human existence is the most enlightened, but also the blindest. Through my visualisations I flee from the dark. I bring light to the beauty of the mind. There, exactly there, between inhaling and exhaling; that is where I find my inspiration