Anh Tu Nguyen


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I am a photographer specializing in Fine Art, Portrait and Wedding Photography based in Aachen, Germany. I was born in 1988 in Viet Nam, grew up there and came to Germany in 2007.

When i was a little kid, i had always wanted to draw. Admired those who could draw and create so many wonderful art. Imagined myself being a painter. But i knew i am not talented at painting.

Besides, my parents have very high academic and career expectations for me. Back then i didn't know who do i wanna be so i just followed the goal they already set up for me.

And i was lost, until i found PHOTOGRAPHY. Yesterday my life was heading in one direction and today in another.
Photography has taken me on a journey of self discovery. It changed my life forever.

Now I’m just not looking at but seeing the world. Not just a whole big picture, but also every details: up, down, left, right, different angles, different sides, different light...

Photography has taught me so many things and yet i can't still get enough of it.
It has helped me to appreciate this wonderful, precious world more than ever. Capture and freeze memories in a creative and beautiful way images that would move people, communicate a message and evoke emotions make me feel fulfilled.

Everyday is different. Every human being is different. Not only have to take their pictures but i should find a way to connect with them. My photography must not be an accurate representation of what i saw, but an accurate representation of what i felt about them. Capturing the essence of the person, the story of their life, their livelihood and a substantial emotion within the photograph.

I want to find unique way of interpreting my thoughts and dreams into wonderful, sparkling with sensational concepts and true emotions. Creating some unique, emotional and artistic portraits driving towards our souls. I don't want to take photography for anyone but myself because my photographs are the expression of myself. They are who i am.

And my camera is not just a gear or a machine. It's the extension of myself. I am COMPLETED.


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