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I'm an ardent devotee to landscape photography, with a passion for mono and split-toned, ultra long exposure imagery. I'm typically drawn to bold compositions, often concentrating the eye squarely on one key subject reinforced by understated, secondary elements. Movement is a key feature, perhaps registering in the stirring of grasses or drifting cloud formations. The majority (certainly not all) of my exposures are measured in minutes as opposed to fractions of a second – a conscious decision on my part to record the passing of time as a contrasting, single instant. This approach creates a paradox that I find fascinating and quite irresistible.

A lifetime resident of Devon in England, I live equidistant to the rugged and varied coastlines of Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset and can often be found on a beach somewhere (most likely balancing my tripod precariously amidst some rocks) all year round. Despite cultivating an admiration for the printed image early on in life, I'm a relative newcomer to the art of capturing a scene indelibly myself – having only started taking photographs seriously in 2008. I've since been fortunate to receive widespread publication nationally, including Amateur Photographer, Digital SLR User, Practical Photography, What Digital Camera and Advanced Photographer magazines. I participate actively in online forums, as well as, a subscription based online publication which I write articles for.

You can read an interview with me dated 12/02/11 here:

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