Amit Jung KC


Amit Jung K.C, nicknamed Lensman by his friends, is a self taught freelance Fine Art photographer born in Dharan, in eastern Nepal. After graduating in Photo Journalism and Sociology, he started working for magazines. But he didn't find that creative essence he was looking for. So he resigned to devote himself to fine art photography. He has a preference for Black and White landscape photography. Getting inspired by the great masters, he is trying to find his own personal and artistic path. Moody clouds, inspiring mountains, vibrant waterfalls, foggy atmosphere are of his main interests. But he does portraiture too because he cannot keep his eyes off of the wonderful features of his native people.

This project is called : "Silent moments of mother Nepal." Most of the images displayed in this set have already been published in magazines.


A pleasent sail

Calm wind

Enjoy silence I

Enjoy silence II

Illusion day I

Illusion day II

Let there be light I

Let there be light II

Let there be light III

Like a horse's mane

On my own path I

On my own path II

Over the lake

Stairway to heaven

Third eye

Thought I

Thought II

Thought III

Tranquil I

Tranquil II

Under wondering clouds


Holy riders

Hold me tight