Interview with Stephen McNally

#1 Please introduce yourself

My name is Stephen McNally, I am 54 years old I live in Newton le Willows Merseyside UK. I am a passionate fine art/landscape photographer using long exposure techniques and minimal compositions in monochrome.


#2 How did you get interested in photography?

About 7 years ago I help to run a angling club we needed a web site I volunteered to take the pictures of the different waters to be used on the web site I enjoyed the role. The images I took were not perfect so I started using the internet to study post processing and composition to the existent that I go shooting landscapes and seascapes more then I go fishing.


#3 Do you have an artistic/photographic background?

I have always had a interest in Art in visiting galleries etc, no photographic training mostly self taught.


#4 Which artist/photographer inspired your art?

I have been mostly inspired by a photographer that was born and lived about 5 miles away from me in a industrial town like me called Widnes Micheal Kenna. I have most of his books and visited his exhibition his home town arranged on for his 60th birthday last year.


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#5 How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph?

I use the internet, google earth and maps also the photographer’s emphemeris for sun and moon positions I have tide times and weather apps on my phone. I mainly shoot about a hour before dawn in winter and switch to sunset in the summer as sunrise in the summer months in the UK can be very early and if a couple of hours drive to the location it can be very tiring I will also go and visit a location a few times to get ideas and compositions. I make notes to watch the weather for the right conditions for the shoot e.g., fog if the back ground needs to be obscured.


#6 Which places have been your favourite shooting sites so far and why?

I like shooting seascapes locally to me around the mouth of the River Mersey Liverpool which as sea defences, lighthouse and art instillations which make great compositions. I also like the Peak District National Park for landscapes its undulating rolling landscape as a multitude of compositions for a minimalist photographer especially in winter, forests and mountain ridges.


#7 What do you do in your life besides photography?

I work as a Hairdresser so being in a salon for 40 hours a week I can’t wait to get out doors to do photography and show my clients my pictures when they ask what I have been up to at the weekend and on the odd occasion I go fishing.


#8 What future plans do you have? What projects would you like to accomplish?

I have a just purchased a film camera Hasselblad 500 I have just started using that camera along with a Chinon CE5 and a Kiev 88 as I intend to do really long exposures on film though the night this winter.



2 Responses to “Stephen McNally”

  1. Clay Horne

    Excellent long exposure work. The various tones between the black and white blend very weel. Continue on your path of discovery in photography.

  2. Justin Curtis

    Stephen’s work appealed to me from the first day I saw it and it inspires me to go out
    and attempt to emulate what he does so well, a joy to witness.

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