Sam Pritchard 1


I grew up in a concrete-covered, English new town. My dad was an architect, so I developed an affinity for the built environment. I was fascinated by his Canon AE-1 camera, so I began studying photography at college and developing my style, influenced by skateboarding and night-time exploration of this industrial landscape. This led on to a degree in Photographic Arts, and the chance to take my new skills from new town to capital city.

After graduating, I worked for a London-based design agency that specialised in high end real estate and architectural photography. During my time there, I gained an advanced knowledge of Photoshop and digital imaging methods.

In 2008, I relocated to Japan – a country whose technological and cultural exports had sparked my imagination from an early age. In Tokyo’s metropolis I found my ideal subject – explicitly modern landscapes, containing high-tech architectural forms. The photographs are shot under low natural light conditions and often undergo extensive digital processing.