Ralph Graef 3


I was born in southern Bavaria and spent most of my life in Munich. Since 2006 I work and live in Potsdam near Berlin. Photography is my medium to act out those of my creative talents that I have to neglect at my daily work as a cell biologist. I am very open-minded with my photographic themes. I prefer available light and clearly composed pictures with a discreetly arranged motive. I want to stimulate the imagination of the viewer and to tell a story that emotionally touches him, since sensing emotions is the prerequisite to keep pictures sticking in the viewer's mind. In this context, image processing should only support the expression of the picture and help to mediate the intended mood to the viewer. I prefer working with a series concept in mind. I use digital and analogue SLR cameras, however, to me the type of camera used to take the picture is usually unimportant. The most important factor is always found behind the viewfinder. Please view my homepage http://graef-fotografie.de for more photos of mine (whole site available in English and German).


A Rest At The Beach

In Hope Of A Better Future

In The Cold

Watching TV

On The Way With Interflug

At The Hangar


Waiting For The Show

Between Pumkins

Waiting For The Train That Never Comes

Sorrowful Waiting For The Doctor

Walking On The Rooftop

Angrily Calling The Service

Visiting Ernest

In The Parking Garage

Entering Juliet

Waiting For The Train

In The Staircage

Watching The Fallen Star

About To Jump

At The Gas Station

At The Dune

The Master Of Containers

The Viewing Collective

Badly Parked

Against The Sun

Lost In A Field Of Poppy

In Memory Of Lilienthal

At The Bunker's Summit

Astray In Wintery Wasteland

Hey, Is There Anybody In There

Wandering Through Desolation

Dusk Of Desolation

Staring At The Sea

Watching The Sea

Waiting For The Boat