Pini Hamou 3


Born in 1967.
I have been attracted to the world of visual arts since young age. I began painting as a child. In high school I developed interest in photography and purchased my first camera. That camera opened a door to my future. Along the years the focus shifted from painting to photography.
I love the immediacy of photography, in contradiction to painting that may take many months. A photographic image is created within a split of a second with the pressing of a button, and the results are immediate.
Although for me, photography is a direct continuation of painting, I feel as if i am painting with my camera. this is also the feeling I would like to transmit in my photographs. instead of painting with a pencil, brush and paper- I paint with my camera.
Each one of my images begins with a concept. Many of these ideas are drawn from my background in the history of art.
sometimes an image is like a single scene from a movie - a single image that tells an entire story, triggers emotions, creates an atmosphere and leaves the spectator with questions and curiosity that is not always satisfied.
I photograph my ideas and surreal fantasies. In the written art, the role of the reader is to imagine how the text looks. In photography, I bring my imagination and exposes it in front of the viewr. On this aspect I have great freedom to express myself during the actual process of photography and the post processing.
History of art in general and painting in particular are related to other fields of art, especially photography have a central role in the themes I investigate, examine and bring to realization via photography. For - instance, the illumination in my pictures corresponds with the painting tradition of the Baroque era, therefore I rather use natural/ambient light. When I'm forced to use artificial light in my studio, I make an effort to use it to create a natural feel of light.
Through my photography I tell a story, pass an idea and challenge the spectator- I am interested in raising questions, thoughts and a vision that will cause the viewer to deal with content of the image and not just to the esthetic aspect of it. As far as I am concerned the viewer is an active partner in my creation. there for I normally don't title my photographic images. I would like to allow the viewer to examine the image in a clear way without guideness so he can find himself in it.