Patrick Ems 1


Entering the world of photography fifteen years ago, I've noticed a strong change of my perception. Any kind of different moments and impressions, everything capable being captuared by photography invoked my desire to catch and let those experiences live on. Chased by emotions and haste, like a little child exploring a totally unknown world, there wasn't any plan or vision where this journey would go.

For the next ten years this chase lead me through countless styles and various influences. Photography has become more and more an integral part of my life, a way of expression without using any words.

Influenced by a multitude of artists and philosophical ideas, my style of photography gained focus and clarity. By reducing the content down to a certain point, I've started developing a intense fascination for simplicity. The point, where the true essence of an image appears, awaking feelings and thoughts.

Patrick Ems, born October 1980, Zurich.


Facing The Deep

57°25′24.06″ N, 6°47′20.22″ W

Gleann Breadail

The Fallen Beauty

Time Goes By

The Elevator

Un Moment De Sagesse


Summer End

L'Etacq Cherbourg

The Trace Of Light

Path Of Eternity

The World In Between

Walk The Line


Breaking Fences

Through The Dawn Of Uncertainty

Dreaming To Escape

Minimal Etude

The Path Of Light