Mike Alegado


I am a Conceptual and Fine Art Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. My work mostly focuses on surrealism and fantasy. I like to make images that contain the human element and form. Portraying emotions and themes in a single image to tell a story is my style of photography that makes the viewer imagine of a different time and place. I am inspired by Nature and with man’s interaction with it. I play with the idea of a different world from reality that could have happened if nature took a different path. I am completely self-taught in the art of photography, having a background in web-designing and Photoshop I am able to use these skills to create fantastic images that can take you inside your imagination.


Broken wings

Caught between

Soft landing

Enraged souls

All bottled up

Chasing the idea

Rejuvenating springs

Going back to neverland

The tracks I leave

Going with the flow


Holding on to it

Our core

Last light

The other side


Fluttering about

Solitary march