Kerry Mansfield 2


Kerry Mansfield is a San Francisco based photographer whose work explores time and how it affects our perceptions of what we see. Born in New Jersey in 1974, Kerry graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from UC Berkeley and did further studies at CCA (California College of the Arts) to refine her sense of space and architecture.

Her work has been exhibited globally and garnered numerous honors including LensCulture’s Single Image Award, multiple World Photography Organization and IPA Awards, and as a Critical Mass Finalist for three straight years. A host of press and publications, ranging from the PDN Photo Annual to the New York Times LensBlog, have featured several of her bodies of work, including the recent Expired series. Kerry’s Expired series monograph was released in fall 2017 accompanied by solo exhibitions in several major U.S. Cities and un upcoming book tour in 2018. Her new series, entitled Threshold, was just released in late spring 2017 and has already been shown in several exhibitions.


Old Yeller, Covers Front & Back

Old Yeller, Interior Front Spread

Treasure Island, Interior Front Spread

Jenny's Birthday Book, Corner

The Family Treasures of Children’s Stories, Interior Spine

Multiple Spines (Robinson Crusoe Copy #1, Crusoe’s Island, Robinson Crusoe Copy #2, Robinson Crusoe Copy #3, Robinson Crusoe Copy #4)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Interior Left Page

Charlotte's Web, Interior Left Page

The Giant Golden Book of Dogs, Cats and Horses, Check-out Card Front & Back

Tabitha Dingle, Interior Back Spread

All About Dinosaurs, Puncture Stamp

A-18, Edge

Multiple Spines (Letters of Oscar Lovell Shafter,The Plays and Poems of Robert Greene, No Villain Need Be, The Flutes of Shanghai, Bovier's Law Dictionary, Selections from Swinburne, Road to Monterey, The Short Novels of Dostoevsky)

Multiple Check-Out Cards (Henry Huggins, Smoky, Eddie and the Fire Engine)

Pat the Bunny, Interior Back Spread

Curious George Rides a Bike, Envelope Front & Back

Desert Dan, Check-out Card Front & Back

The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek

The Kindergarten Book of Folk Songs, Covers Front & Back

The Kindergarten Book of Folk Songs, Interior Right Page

Cannery Row, Covers Front & Back

Cannery Row, Interior Front Spread

To Kill a Mockingbird, Dog-Eared Corner

Road to Monterey, Interior Front Spread

Polaroid Land Photography, Check-out Card Front & Back

The Velveteen Rabbit, Interior Right Page

The Book of Nah-Wee, Interior Right Page

Multiple Spines (Chaucer’s Poetry, Oblomov, History of Ancient Art, By Love Possessed)

The Book of Nonsense, Interior Front Spread

Multiple Edges (House on a Cliff, Selections from Swinburne, The Black Fox, Whistle for a Wind)

The Woodlanders, Withdrawn Stamp

The Green Cameo Mystery, Corner Stamp

Lad: A Dog, Covers Front & Back

Uncle Walt, Interior Front Spread