José Laiño


Jose R. Laiño was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since 1982 he live in Spain, native country of his parents where he obtained spanish citizenship. He studied architecture and worked for ten years for a national and international architectural offices, making projects, models, photography, photocollages and 3D models of buildings and industrial design in many competitions winning projects. In these years, his interest in photography was rising, using analog cameras with macro lens to photograph architectural and conceptual models, although his interest in photography comes from many years ago. He has also worked in painting from a very early age and he has working in airbrushing and airbrushing on photography.

Since 2009 he excited for digital photography, digital edition and digital manipulation, especially in still life category, self-taught learning and using photography as a means to express ideas in a creative way.
In 2013 Jose Laiño presents his recent photographic work to contests for the first time.

· International Photography Awards (IPA) 2014 - 1st Place and 3 Honorable Mentions. Los Angeles, E.E.U.U.
· Prix de la Photographie (PX3) 2014 - 1 Gold in Advertising Food category, 5 Silvers in Advertising Other, Advertising Self-promotion, Fine Art Digital Enhanced, Fine Art Still Life, 1 Bronze in Fine Art Stll Life and 4 Honorable Mentions in Advertising Other, Advertising Self-Promotion, Fine Art Digital Enhanced, Fine Art Stll Life. Paris, France.
· Graphis Photography Annual 2014 - Finalist in "Others" category. New York, E.E.U.U.
· International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013 - 1st Place in Advertising Food category and 10 Honorable Mentions in Advertising Others, Advertising Self-promotion, Fine Art Still life, Fine Art Others and Special Digital Enhanced categories. Los Angeles, E.E.U.U.
· 1st International Digital Photo Salon "Illa de Menorca" - CEF Gold medal in Black and White section and Finalist in Color section. Spain.
· One Eyeland Photography Awards 2013 - Bronze in Advertising Conceptual and Bronze in Advertising Food. India.

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Crayon alive

Snail pear

Grapes shoe

Coconut heart

Stopped watch


Baseball pear

Miss Chicky

Toxic blue


Banana circumcision


Flat pear

Miss Piggy


Foil costume

Cardboard brain

Wooden knife


Stone wings



Strange animal


Green system

Planet Football

Planet Tennis

Planet Golf

Dry kiss

Steel and water


Forest face


Sewing alive