Fabrice Silly 2


If one of Fabrice Silly’s shots happens to appear on a «wall» of photographs, your eye will immediately be attracted to it as if replying to a call.

Apart from the typical effect of the long exposure resulting in a distension of time, it is above all the “almost nothing”, the subtle emptiness that are appealing. Appealing, questioning, secretly echoing our existential obsessions. The evidence in these “compositions”, where a human figure seems to be lost, facing an environment reduced to its basic elements.

“Compositions” since spatial landmarks are rubbed out and tracks are covered : a topographical deconstruction and reconstruction completing the distension of time (explained above). The basic “ time and space” element revisited and purified , so as to magnify it in a piece of personal work, marching forward to weightlessness. To better describe this, music, with its ethereal spirals, seems to be closer than words weighed down by real life.
Emanating from his imaginary world, Fabrice Silly’s works are aesthetic proposals calling on our own imagination. He does not intend to make us travel, but to carry us away.

The challenge succeeds, for the spell also works in the urban snapshots. Revisited megalopolis, becoming illusions at the risk of wounding the pride of the highest tower, reminding us that man is ephemeral in a floating world. Silence and desert sand will eventually take over the welcoming oasis.

In his work the tireless quest for an uncluttered style, aesthetically ideal, persevering and, though still discreet, easily recognizable, enables Fabrice Silly to be acknowledged as a real artist.