Darío Sastre 1


Photography has always been one of my passions, but I could not buy my first camera reflex until almost five years ago, when my son Alvaro was born. Since then the portraits of my kids and my soul Asturias landscapes, filled with an important part of my Gallery.


Niemeyer Details

Niemeyer Reflections

The Cave

Alcazar de Toledo

Big Northern Light in Jokulsarlon

Building Colours

Campiecho Reflections

Circulo de Bellas Artes B&W

Explosion of Light in Toledo

Icebergs at Sunset

Niemeyer 1x1

Pontevedra Bridge

Portizuelo´s Lights

Big Explosion and The Photographer

Houses with Natural Light

Skogafoss in B&W

The Big Waterfall

Green Drees

Big Diamonds in Jokulsarlon V

Breaking on the Icebergs

Onlu Bus

Orderias Village

Pendueles in the Night

The Horn of the Jokulsarlon

The Wave Arrived II