Beth Akerman


I am an artistic photographer who specializes in nature based photos. I am equally comfortable with color and monochrome images. My background in art and art history influences my photography, and can be seen in some of my images. The little things in nature including leaves, insects and flowers intrigue me. Some of my work is straight from the natural setting and others use nature in an artistic manner, such as my leaf portraits series. I was born and raised and have lived my whole life in the State of Ohio, but have travelled quite a bit throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Bent Oak Leaf Portrait with reflections

Golden Tone Ash Tree Leaf Portrait

Black Walnut Leaves in the Autumn

After Ingres La Grande Odalisque

Fly Away With Me

Dried Milkweed Portrait

After the Rainstorm

Hyacinths To Brighten My Winter

Ranunculus Center

Peony Passion

Look Into The Center

Darkness Surrounds The Waterlily

Amur Tiger from the Columbus Zoo

I'm Bored

Looking At You

Gerbera Daisy

Iris for Lee