Anna Niemiec 1


I live in Poland. I have a magister scientiae degree in biology. I have always been interested in photography, although I have just recently started shooting my own photos, not long before the July of 2010 to be exact. But, well, before I had time to reconsider, I have found myself addicted to photography, so I really cannot live without it anymore. I am trying to learn and I do learn a lot every day, I try hard to make up for many passed years, so I am really keen on everything what comes with the photography.

I like taking photos of the city – empty streets at the break of dawn, which unveil the unexpected landscape of forms and figures. And that run of the mill routine of city’s life, when every second, caught by the lens of my camera, tells an untold tale – sometimes a gay one, sometimes peculiar, reflective or just purely absurd.

The light, the shape, the colour – its greyness, its peculiarity, some interesting man, an evanescent spell, a pleasantry. To make it last just for a second longer by keeping it in a frame! Wishful thinking! – it’s tedious work, but, still, I do my best. And, although I do not always succeed, I do feel extremely enthusiastic about it. In October 2014 I was admitted to Photoclub Rzeczypospolitej, which belongs to the FIAP.


Abstraction 1

Abstraction 2

Right direction

No thoroughfare

the binary system


The runner

Dreams image

In spite

Abstraction 3

Dots and stripes

Street abstractions

Urban composition 1

Urban composition 2

Urban composition 3

Dog and zebra


Urban composition 4


Abtraction 4

Beach composition

Water polo

Stairs on the wall hypermarket

Power technology

The fleeting thoughts


At the last moment

The wall

Th stairs