Anna Laudan 2


My name is Anna Laudan. I'm from Hamburg, Germany and since the beginning of 2013 photography is my big passion.

I mostly take pictures of nature & maco, landscapes and architecture. For this purpose I also like to take trips to interesting places.

On Photographing I especially like the combination of technology and art, as well as the opportunity to be outside and to be able to fully concentrate myself on the subject and the act of photographing. Everyday life is forgotten in such moments.


Up: Part XII

Up: Part XX

Chalk cliffs in golden light

Magic woods

Sunrise at the chalk cliffs

Chess flower in golden light

Burning sky

Saxon sunrise

Sunset in Benijo

Fine Art: Part XIII

Frankfurt: Part I

Frankfurt: Part II

Frankfurt: Part IV

Frankfurt: Part X

Frankfurt: Part XII

Chess flower in backlight

Chess flower with bokeh

New York: Part IX

New York: Part XIII

New York: Part VIII

New York: Part XII

Fine Art: Part XVI

Berlin: Part I

Berlin: Part II

Berlin: Part III

Berlin: Part VIII

Bridgework studies I

Bridgework studies II

Bridgework studies III

Monoliths: Part III

Rotterdam: Part I

Rotterdam: Part III

Foggy sunrise over a field of poppies

Monoliths: Part I

Milky way over the dolomites

Morning glow