She studied international relations but shortly after that she realized that her real place is behind the camera. Maturity- it is a process that made her understood that her real role is to perceive reality, to shape it, to sculpt it in accordance to her proper exacting vision. Her innate sense of esthetics, the ability to arrange space, the harmony of composition, sensitivity of colors, all were brimming inside of her, ripened and then finally exploded. All the photos you can see here are the fruit of this process. She creates her photos with any academic photographic influence, but simple out of passion.
She started her adventure with photography 5 years ago but she's been working as a photographer for about 2,5 year.
For that period of time she managed to shoot for a lot of magazines all over the world. She had publications for:

1. Foto Magazine/Poland; which published her work three times.
2. Highlights Magazine/Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Australia
3. DT Magazine/France
4. Snoecks Magazine 2009/Belgium; a stylish book-shaped magazine (560+ pages) that focuses on literature, photography and the other arts.
In recent editions it had features on artists such as Anton Corbijn, Larry Sultan, Matthew Barney, Rankin, Ron Mueck, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Peter Lindbergh.
5. Indigo magazine/Lithuania
6. L'esspresso magazine/Italy
7. Photos Magazine/Taiwan
8. Zwierciadlo Magazine/ Poland
9. Shelter/ Buenos Aires
10.Lounge Magazine
11. Kobieta i Zycie
12. HER Magazine- New Zealand
13. Beautiful You Magazine- Australia
14. O'logy Magazine- Taiwan
15. Estilo Magazine-Poland
16. Chaos Magazine- USA
17. Componere Magazine
18. W25 Magazine
19. Tattoo Life Magazine/Belgium, Sweden, Finnland, UK
20. Impostor Magazine/USA
21. UMNO Magazine/UK
22. Dolce&Gabbana Swide Magazine
23. Pavi-Tch Magazine/Georgia
24. Viva Magazine/Australia
25. Fashion Victims Magazine/UK
26. My City Connect Magazine/USA
27. Label Magazine/Poland
28. Photography Magazine/ New Zealand

and others

Covers for:

1. Viva Magazine/Australia
2. Zwierciadlo Magazine/Poland
3. Kobieta i Zycie/Poland
4. Indigo Magazine/Lithuania
5. Snoeack 2009/ Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden,Norwey
6. DT Magazine/France
7. Lounge Magazine/Poland
8. O'logy Magazine/Taiwan
9. Chaos Magazine/USA
10.Tatoo Life Magazine/Italy
12. Pavi-Tch Magazine/Georgia
13. Foto Magazine/Poland
14. Photography Magazine/ New Zealand

-2nd place in International photography awards in ad/fashion amongst 23.000 photographers.
-honorable mantioned in IPA in fashion/people/portraits
- won a sabatiniexpo competition/italy
-YPU membership/belgium

Exhibitions in Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Germany and Finland.
2011 and 2013- my photos presented in Cannes Fashion Festival.