Krystian Zoszczuk


Krystian Zoszczuk’s photos have immediately drawn our whole attention and win respect thanks to its pure form out-of-this-world. The landscape is cold,  raw and distant. Sometimes, it looks as if it were our mountains, but there are too much of flat surfaces of rocky debrises, outcroppings, and surfaces of water. This amazing light – somewhere lower, from underneath  – from behind the North Pole.  Zoszczuk’s works compose the journal titled "Ultima Thule" that means „The Corner of the World” or “The Last Island”. They show strong relation to the tradition of great romanticists, and at the same time, they are saturated with great freshness. The Black&White technique emphasizes the fiords temperament deeply hidden in the immaculate form. The landscapes reveal the over and over appearing small boats and wooden houses - sentimental but not mawkish evidences that it is possible to live here, despite the shocking contrast to all-embracing space immersed in the cold air.