Yves Noir


Yves Noir, born in Strasbourg in 1967, lives in Germany since 1985.
Having been a photographic assistant in Munich for many years, he was studying media design (with special focus on photography) until 1994. Since then, Yves Noir has been working as a freelance photographer and free lecturer at home and abroad. His works have appeared in numerous exhibitions.
He lays the main focus of his photographic work on depicting the human being in his original state. Against this background, his nude portraits are particularly not intended to convey erotic moments, but rather to present the natural aesthetics of the body. Those quiet pictures invite the viewer to linger. The view shall return to the experience of an originally human exposedness and vulnerability and open from this identificatory confrontation individual or social points of interpretation in the process.


From the series Out of Raw

From the series Wandschaft

From the series Bel Etage

From the series Focus ∞

From the series Simulation

From the series Code