Xavier Rey 2


Born in Albi (France) in 1974, I make my first steps in the "Photography" in 2005 when I arrived in Bordeaux.

My meeting with the group of Bordeaux photographers SPBordeaux was a revelation and photography became
for me an extraordinary means of expression.

Eclectic in nature, I work all photographic style.

My love for the sea and waterscape photography in B & W, guide my work to a photographic style format where
the square and the long exposure became two obvious. I love working in this format, fitting length to give
landscapes photographed another reality, another view ... mine.

Photography b & w is my primary mode of expression and allows me to fully express my vision of the author. Sometimes I also do color,
but it remains quite rarely. Beside this, I also work on other personal projects such as portrait or report.

My photographic approach is something instinctive, as an impulse that prompts me to press the trigger at a specific time to pick a place, atmosphere, people ...

I love photographing in the moment, discover a place and I try to appropriate it.