WOJTEK KOGUT – short biography

Thomas Leuthard once said… “Street Photography is like fishing. Catching the fish is more exiting than eating it…”
He works as marketer and is passionate about Street Photography. He moved to London almost nine years ago from small town not far from Krakow in southern Poland. Here in the UK he has found real friends whom he is grateful as they introduced him to photography. He has been photographing for more than 7 years now – architecture, wild life but for last three years mainly people and streets of London and other European cities.
Wojtek says by being in the street with his camera not only helps him to ease the office stress but also above all to do what he really loves – capturing moments with people at the core of his interest. He always tries to show them in candid situations when they work, meet their friends, relax – enjoy their life.


The Child

The Musician

The Boy

South London

District Line


Shopping Mall

The Buyer

Windsor Train

The Embankment