Walter Caterina


I was born in Italy under the sign of Pisces, in a nice Sunday afternoon of a 1955 tasting of optimism, hope in the future, and a social wellness foreseen and pursued with passion and recklessness.
Curious and fascinated by beauty, but also shy and sometimes lazy. Inclined to interior meditation but also fond of company and friendship. I begin to photograph in 1970th and now as then I find in photography an instrument to shape my feelings.
With the digital technology, as though with analogic, I like to follow all the production’s process of my works. From the shot, to postprocessing, to “fine art” printing witch I dedicate a particular attention.
I like to experiment, to try. But, most of all, I like to look, to observe and to listen to life through my eyes.
By this pictures I hope to get across to you a bit of my time and of my soul.