Vic M. Montaigne 1


Vic M. Montaigne is a fine art photographer based out of Hamburg, Germany. Vic’s approach to photography is guided by the fascination of capturing some of the poetic essence of certain sceneries, places and objects. This frequently involves black & white analogue photography of large and medium formats as well as infrared and long exposure techniques.


Age of Faith Series Nr. 1

Age of Faith Series Nr. 7

Age of Faith Series Nr. 6

Age of Faith Series Nr. 8

Age of Faith Series Nr. 5

Age of Faith Series Nr. 14

White Trees in Summer

Eerie Castle in Daylight

A Stately Home

Surrounded by Water

Chapel Infrared Nr. 2

Chapel Infrared Nr. 1

Antique Psychedelia

Duck Pond in Fog

Home to a Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Castle

Where Elves Live

Just Like Cherry Blossoms

Ancient Light

Ancient Power Nr. 1

Ancient Power Nr. 2

Forgotten Kingdom

Putti Gardening by the Water

Where is Undine

Neo-romanesque Phantasy Nr. 1


Fountain Nr. 3

Serene Beauty of Reminiscence


On the Threshold to Eternity

Old Waterway in B&W

Foggy Seashore

Looming Rainclouds Over Sunlit Harbour

Harbour View

Gloomy Riverside

Silvery Grey