Vangelis Kalos 2


Vangelis Kalos, Award-winning Photographer Based in Trondheim of Norway.

Style. Vangelis is a fine art nude Photographer, blending a range of styles that finds aligned with his personal conceptual visionary reflections and expression.

During the last decade Vangelis has focused his work towards fine art. His work is almost solely in black and white, a preference that derives from his experience in traditional darkroom for over ten years.

Medium. His work consists of a collection of analogue/film, polaroids and digital photographs, and manifests the female beauty in an elegant and respectful way.

Studies. Among studies in Civil Engineering, MSc in Industrial Ecology, Graphic Design and Art History, found his true love in Photography during his first year as an Engineering student and member of students photo team.

Mission. "I photograph women to show a part of models personality and "soul" within an artistic purpose rather than a passive form of beauty compliant."