Uwe Langmann 1


Uwe Langmann is a german fine art photographer born in 1985. He is best known for his minimalistic snow- and waterlandscapes. His images effortlessly blend different aspects of traditional and modern painting/drawing with photography. A special place in his work is dedicaded to the buddhist idea of "emptiness". Like in traditional japanes ink drawings he uses emptiness in his images to convey a room for the personal thoughts and emotions of the viewer. Thus creating images open for personal interpretation. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in and outside of Germany. He is represented, most notably, by Galerie Schrade, Karlsruhe, artROOM Konstanz & Carpentier Galerie, Berlin


Winter 005 (2010)

Winter 016 (2014)

Winter 020 (2016)

Winter 017 (2015)

Winter 032 (2017)

Winter 040 (2017)

Contoured (2017)

Space II (2017)

Veil (2017)

Life (2016)

Ponder (2017)

Grass (2017)

Dissolve (2017)

Steps (2017)

Sketch II (2018)

Sketch (2018)

Zero (2017)

Fragile (2017)

Threshold (2017)

Traces II (2017)

Traces III (2018)

Crack (2017)

Heart (2018)

New Grass (2017)