Christopher L. T. Brown is a Nature and Landscape Photographer living in Solvang, California with his wife Bobbie and French Bulldog Annie. He attended UCSD and later taught for the university with focus in computer science and security. While technology has dominated much of Christopher’s life, he is the son of an artist and has been a life long student of the Arts. Christopher has received acclaim for much of his photographic work, and most recently for his photographic series on Oak Trees of Santa Ynez Valley California.

Christopher uses a wide range of technology in his process including digital and film in many formats. He often focuses on mixing old and new techniques such as platinum emulsion from digital negative sometimes referred to as an alternative photographic process. Christopher personally hand prints his work with great care on the highest quality fine art materials in limited editions of no more than ten. All limited editions are printed to completion at one time and then archived. Each limited edition archival print is signed, tittled and editioned on verso in pencil. In addition to limited editions, Christopher creates prints on Birchwood and Canvas as well as, fine art note cards. He is continuously exploring new techniques and media to bring his work to life in the physical world.

In the summer of 2013, Christopher opened a gallery in the central California town of Solvang. His gallery is open to the public featuring his latest individual works and series’. In addition to his physical gallery Christopher maintains an online portfolio where collectors can view and purchase his work at http://www.TychoBrown.com

Artist Statement

“The goal in my work as a photographer is to capture and express the seemingly surreal nature of objects found in everyday life and their interconnection with the world. I can’t help but want to deeply explore the lines, textures and tones found in nature. Through this exploration I am ultimately able to unlock the mystery and show the unity of these elements in a way not normally identifiable at first glance.

My work ranges from the pure, to a digital blending (not altering) of nature, which can be helpful in expressing the works specific vision.

While I currently work primarily in digital photography, I can’t help but be shaped by a history with different types of photography and my family of mixed media artists.

Having fully embraced the technologies and digital world around me for decades, people sometimes find it unlikely that beyond my initial inspiration, one of the most important things to me is the final physical piece. I take great care in the choice of methods, inks and media that I produce my work with.

Key influencers of my work vary greatly and include, twentieth century pop art and surrealist as well as photographers such as George Brassaï, Henri Cartier Bresson, Man Ray, Jay Maisel and Frederick H. Evans among others.”


Mossy Old Oak Laying Back

Butterfly Oak

Eye Of The Oak

Three Oaks On Vineyard Hill

Black Oak In The Morning Mist

Foxen Canyon Cracks

Alien Roots

Pieces Of Me

Dark Branches

Riding Fences

Working For Breakfast

Oak Lives On (Platinum Contact Print)