Like many, the love for photography is something that accompanies me from the first moments of my life. Only in the last few years I have had the material opportunity to devote myself to it with passion, intensity and constancy. I'm not a photographer by profession. And any definition doesn't affect my passion for photography.
For predisposition and predilection, I make photos exclusively in analog. And I develop my films by myself. 35mm, but especially medium format. I love photography in black and white. And I work mostly with long exposures of landscapes and urban contexts. I am completely self-taught. The little or very little that I know about photography, I've learned it by experience. Instinct and experience. Sensitivity and experience. Failures and experience.

What I try to recreate through my photos, what I try to bring out through them, is a feeling of alienation and loneliness.
Cities are like shells of social exclusion, crowded with ghosts. Individuals alone and isolated, alien to themselves and towards others. Anonymous faceless souls.
The landscapes of the sea are cold sterile lunar surfaces. Lifeless and unable to accommodate its seeds. Distant landscapes, perhaps dispersed in space, perhaps promised lands never existed.

This is the human condition. Unease, alienation, loneliness, lack of communication, dereliction.

Although I started doing photography, with dedication and satisfaction, just two years ago, I got several good results, also in different international contests. I have overcome the "Black & White Spider Awards" 2014 category "Fine art - Amateur" with the photo "De silent of sand".
2015 International Photography Awards - 2nd place in Fine Art - Abstract category for the winning entry "Nigredo".
And several other nominees in the same competition. "Honorable mention" to the IPA 2014 and 2015.
In 2016, I won the 11th edition of the Black and White Spider Awards, abstract category, with "De Fall", winning the title of "Honor of Distinction" in Photographer of the Year.


I Must Go In, The Fog Is Rising…

I Must Go In, The Fog Is Rising…

I Must Go In, The Fog Is Rising…


cloud of flying pigs

pigs tied on a leash

de flow

suonatore di ombre


Lo Stige infernale

flowing through the story of your whole life


de Silence of sand


Come la sabbia, l’orlo nel cielo si perde

Luna, Mare Nubium

Luna, Mare Imbrium

at de time of rain

two ghosts


de Kingdom

two shadows, two strokes of brush

Delusion of grandeur


A Night, Under De Rain, Dark Alley

There Can No Outer Wine

The Vineyard Of Burgundy Souls

I Must Go In, The Fog Is Rising

Behind Me, Dips Eternity

Black V_15

De Fall



black V

I Hide Myself Within My Flower