Thomas Leong 1


Thomas is a self-taught photographer from Malaysia and his genre of photography, black and white landscape photography.

He mainly uses the Long Exposure technique to reveal the world layer by layer and uncovering the unnoticeable moments that combine to shape our perception of the environment that has led him into the adage of, “Everything flows, nothing stands still”, which is the cornerstone of his photographic philosophy.

Using the camera’s ability to perpetuate time through long exposures, he can realize what our world would looks like based on a longer time scale, this process turns non-instantaneous events that otherwise pass unseen, into tangible visuals. It is like turning back a page to reveal a world that was not visually experienced by the naked eye so that himself or viewer will felt the emotion of the captured scene.

Thomas was born and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia but as for current, permanently residing in Singapore with his very supportive wife, a daughter and a boy.


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