Tariq Dajani 1


"There is a strange-making in much of Dajani’s work, a way of making perfectly ordinary things seem quite strange and extraordinary. Such work leaves the viewer feeling touched, moved, disturbed - leaves him or her with a whole complex of emotions and desperately wanting to know more... Most of my wondering is about Dajani’s falcons. I have never seen stranger or more beautiful photographs of birds than his."
(John Wood, Photographic historian and editor)

Born in England, Dajani spent his formative years living in both in the Middle East and Europe, gaining an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and traditions. A passion for art and music lead him to explore various outlets for creative expression, until he eventually chose a career in photography.

During periods of working in London, Stockholm and Dubai, he established himself and developed a distinctive style which resonates with truth and emotion. His work is widely exhibited and collected.

Constantly pursuing new projects, he now resides with his wife, horses and dogs on a remote, off- grid farm high in the mountains of southern Spain.