I was born in 1980 in the Paris region. I studied literature, and in 2006 found my vocation by becoming a teacher of history and geography in a little rural school in Lot-et-Garonne. Having a father and brother who are engaged in graphic design and a mother who is a ceramics artist, I grew up in a creative world that encouraged and fertilised my imagination. At the age of 16 I started my first internship, at Pictorial Services in Montparnasse, where I learned to make enlargements on baryte paper. Encountering Guy Mandery at the age of 18 was a turning point for me: I abandoned my aim of becoming a professional photographer and on his advice joined a preparatory course for literature: “The work of a photographer can’t be learned at school, but only with a camera in your hand” was his conviction. During the six years of my studies I took few photographs, but my original wishes never left me. In 2005 I put an end this conflict, and symbolically my parents offered me my first digital camera, which replaced my old Canon. A year later I was hanging pictures for my first exhibition. This was the beginning of a total and absolute passion that matured in the shadow of my teenage years and today is part of my life as an adult woman, which I share with an art photographer.


Les caprices de Madame Bovary : le Rolleiflex

Les caprices de Madame Bovary : les demi-pointes

Les caprices de Madame Bovary : les escarpins

Ballets nocturnes

Le théâtre du couple : tomber de Charybde en Scylla

Le théâtre du couple : Le protéger

Le théâtre du couple : faire table rase du passé pour penser l'avenir

Le théâtre du couple : tout partager

Le théâtre du couple : l'affronter

Les fresques de Livie

Dentelle et arcenic (1)

Dentelle et arcenic (2)

Femmes du siècle des Lumières



Les belles au bois dormant : Alizée M.

Les belles au bois dormant : Marie

Les belles au bois dormant : Alizée N.

Les belles au bois dormant : Freya

La part de féminité

Le petit mec

Portraits de photographe : E2P

Portraits de photographe : Miguel Ramos

Eyes wide shut

Little princess

L'Europe : les jeunes ont la parole (Alexandra, anglaise)

L'Europe : les jeunes ont la parole (Léa, française)

L'Europe : les jeunes ont la parole (Amélia, portugaise)