Susan Berry


Born in Bury, Lancashire, I currently live in Bradley Fold, Bolton with my partner and six cats. I'm passionate about animal welfare and am a volunteer with the RSPCA Rochdale branch and the Cats Protection League – hence the profusion of felines! I serve on the committee of Bury Photographic Society and present talks/slideshows to photography clubs.

My passion is black and white photography; the removal of colour strips away any distractions and simplifies the subject to reveal its core, ie the part that is central to its existence, the bare necessities. My photos range from dark, dramatic and moody to minimalist and light. I like to push my images to the extremes with deep inky blacks and pure whites. I'm constantly inspired by water, whether inland (lakes and waterfalls) or more often at the coast, when I like to include man-made constructions – a kind of fusion of nature and man. Long exposure photography is perfect for this.

I also enjoy urban exploration and industrial photography, I find beauty in the textures of decay found in abandoned buildings and discovering forgotten relics of the past is an added bonus. Growing up in a town of cotton and paper mills, it seems very natural to be in these fast disappearing derelict places. More recently I've been experimenting with nature photography, again creating very dark and soulful images.

I think it's important to develop a personal style and follow your own vision when creating images. Be true to yourself.


Icon of the Lake

Saintly Cross

3 men on a beach

Tree of Light


Otter #1


The Rock Arch

The Dreamers

Power & Pollution

Sea Defences #2

Concrete Army

Wind Power

Fence Line

The Broken Blind


Softly Falls the Snow

Brandt's Snicket

Jetty #1

Mary's Shell

Rydal Falls

The Fishing Shack

Done Fishin'

Broken Shells

An Empty View

The Landing Jetty

Perfect Imperfection



The Dreamers 2


Jetty #2

Tree in a Cornfield

Jepson's Clough

Lead Mines Clough

Otter #2