Stefan Bäurle 1


Stefan Bäurle lives in beautiful Northern California. He is particularly interested in making photos of the Pacific, trees, and architecture. Since it is mostly outdoors, it allows him combining his love of photography with his other passion for hiking. Almost all of his work is converted to monochrome, because it facilitates focusing on the light, shapes, surfaces, structures, patterns, and contrasts. He frequently uses long exposure techniques in his seascape and architectural work because it enables finding the essence of a subject or a scene.


Adobe Mountain.



Bounded Aspiration.




3 Three 3.


Sunset at Lands End.

Wilder Ranch.

Pacific Conjuration.

Pacific Cross.

Pacific Cypress.

Pacific Glory.

Pacific Heart.

Pacific Scatter.

Pacific Separation.

Pacific Soul.

Pacific Staircase.

Pacific Tribute.

Pondering Silence.

Tree in Winter Fog.

Three Trees after the Strom.

Never Remembered.

The other Tree.

Tree Elder.

Calero Tree.

Baumreihe im Morgengrauen.

Four Trees.

Fünf Bäume.

Tree among Sweeping Hills.

Evergreen Fog.

The Tree.

Zwei Bäume und ein Kreuz.

Vier Bäume.